Meet Meghan

Hello! It's so nice of you to click over to my little "about me" type page. Let me give you some quick facts.

I've been blogging since 2010 under the name Meg's Ragged Edge, but decided it was time to move on from that blog and created Cirque du Frock

I've written guest posts for Miss Peregrin/Owl Obsessed Oddity as well as the Citizen Rosebud and for two years I was a regular writer for the Phantastic Phinds blog.

Since I was in the sixth grade I've had a passion for upcycling clothes into wearable art. Sewing is a passion of mine and I would say about 90% of what I wear is something I've made. When I was sixteen I discovered our local thrift store and fell in love with vintage fashion. It's been my dream to one day open my own art boutique featuring upcycled finds and secondhand treasures.

I love watching old movies and TV. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance and my favorite musician is David Bowie. I have an addiction to Korean television.

I am currently working on a series of supernatural novels which I hope to have ready for self-publishing soon. In addition to that, I've started my own clothing line on etsy, Cirque du Frock, and a resale store called No Regrets Resale.

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