Friday, January 22, 2016

Thrift Decor Bedroom

After my 'Cheap Beauty' post, I've actually become really inspired by this 'crap I'm broke' style of blogging. It's actually given me a lot of ideas on things I'd like to blog about, especially as relates to my current situation in life. I know in the past I've explored how I felt like a voice of mine had been stolen and with this new inspiration I feel a little bit like I'm getting it back.

If you follow me on social media, you've already seen these pictures but quick updates don't tell the story that a full blog post does.

I know, it's gross, right? This was the basement just shortly after I moved into it this past summer. My mom was supposed to remove a few pieces of furniture that ended up staying there, I tried to unpack which means all my clothes basically exploded onto the floor because I had no where to put them, my bed took up most of the room- it was (and sort of still is) a disaster area. It was hard to even create or move around. It's been a challenge getting used to- also it's right next to my father's work room so I do have a lot of noise/unwanted company in my space a lot of the nights that I'm home. Not his fault, totally mine as I'm the one who wanted to leave, but holy cow it's been a transition. Also, all the walls were bare white but my brothers had once called this area their hangout so the walls were disgustingly stained with holes, footprints, handprints and just general dust/dirt.

I'm broke so I couldn't really repaint, so I've had to get a little thrifty in reorganizing and covering up the mess.

It's really hard to get pictures of the space without showing the mess that still exists inside of it. BUT this is all about cheap redecorating so let me tell you about how I fixed the bedding situation. First, I didn't even have a bed. I had to buy the one that I sleep on now. I bought the mattress and the simple wooden platform bed off of Amazon. (Bed , Mattress) The mattress arrived rolled up in a tiny box and it was the funnest thing in the world to watch it pop out of it's vacuum sealed wrapping! I love the bed and the mattress, although I will say this is a super firm mattress and every once in a while I have problems sleeping on it.

So, the above picture - to fix the flow of the room I shifted the bed into a more day-bed like position where it's mostly up against the wall. I created a faux headboard with fabric from my stash and a lace curtain one of my friends had given me years and years ago. If you wanted to make a similar wall treatment, I used $2.00 a yard purple cotton from JoAnne's and a curtain you could probably get for $2.00 at a thrift store. My skeleton bulletin board is something I'd brought with me from my Philadelphia office and I just gave it a new coat of paint. My jewelry rack is a wooden shoe rack that I also brought from Philly but I checked and they're about $4.

The art was also done by yours truly. My ex liked to give me canvases for holiday presents and I had about twenty blank ones when I moved in here. I picked the larges one, the one that would take up most of the wall, and I made a lunar inspired piece that I didn't like at first but surprisingly, I love it now. I also did the little angel the first week I lived here.

The denim patchwork pillow was made by me using stuffing from a pillow I'd brought from Philly (it was green and too worn out) and old jeans.

This idea is one of my rare strokes of genius - it's a cookie cooling tray I got from the Dollar Tree. For $1, you get two racks and it makes the BEST earring display. Most of these are going to be listed on the Cirque but I wanted to show off my cool new jewelry holder. It's literally just tacked up to my wall with thumb tacks. I hope to paint it blue in the future.

This cool mirror is on the wall you can't see yet because it's not finished, but I loved it so much I had to share. I have an obsession with old milk glass. I adore it. This is actually plastic but it looks like milk glass and I thrifted it for $4. I didn't have a mirror in my room, and I'm probably not going to get my dream vanity area that I'd hoped for because it's just not a big enough space, but I still needed something to check my hair in. Enter this adorable little guy! I think this might be one of my best thrift finds ever. And you can see in the background the wooden crates- they sit on my writing table (also something I brought from Philly) and I've had most of them since I was a teenager. I love how rustic they look with all my other things.

And there you have a few detail shots of my decorations, including the dusty pipe you can see in my room. I actually don't mind the unfinished ceiling or exposed pipes because I find it kind of industrial and unique. I know my mom was apologetic for it and offered to eventually finish the ceiling but if I leave it the way it is I can hang things (like chandeliers) without any guilt for messing up their nice basement. The honeycomb inspired shelves were made by my dad and I've painted them blue with a can of chalk paint. I made that little jar work hard- it painted my wall skull, my bulletin board, my shelves and hopefully my jewelry boxes. Tiny accents of color can really tie a whole mis-matched room together.

I made my dreamcatcher with a doily I bought at the Punk Rock Flea a few years ago, a wreath my mom had and some ribbon from my stash.

All in all, it's not perfect but slowly it's becoming a really nice, cozy little atmosphere. Much to my mother's dismay, I would eventually like to live on my own again. I'm very excited about that prospect because I've never lived entirely on my own - I went from living with my parents to living with roommates to living with my ex, so I'd love the chance to have a little studio flat somewhere all to myself. In the mean time, I'm starting to really like my thrift cheap bohemian bedroom.


  1. OH WOW, that Cookie tray thing is BRILLIANT.

  2. I love what you've done with the space you have Meg its so cute and so YOU! I have to say you always have the best ideas of how to reuse stuff and how to use items for different and unique purposes (like a cooling rack as an earring display!). I also LOVE that mirror - what a fantastic find xo

  3. Great idea Meghan, the cookie cooling tray is genius!
    Delores Ensley