Monday, January 4, 2016

Cheap Beauty: DIY Haircut

I want to start this with the story of my hair. I very rarely am in harmony with my curls. Since I was a small girl, I've loved having short hair, but curls can often give you a mature, permed, soccer mom kind of vibe. The one time I enjoyed my hair was when I had it cut like this. I kept that hair style for a good long time- until my then-boyfriend started giving me crap about taking me to Hair Cuttery to get it trimmed. So I started growing it out- and my natural color- just to see if I liked it.

FYI- I do not.

My hair is beautifully curly. People love my hair. When it's long, I get a lot of compliments on it. However, it's just not me when it's long. I feel messy and dirty. I find my skin is more broken out, and I just don't like the upkeep. Sure, short hair means having it trimmed every few weeks, but long hair? You have to baby the crap out of my hair when it's long. It's a lot of work.

Unfortunately, I don't have extra money. Not even for Hair Cuttery. So I decided to take matters into my own hands the other day.

I was inspired by this tutorial and basically used the same method to recreate my favorite haircut. I then tried to lighten it with a box of Feria, but I didn't like myself as a blond so I used my favorite burgundy dye from Garnier to color over the blond. The result is a really nice dark red-almost purple color that I love.

The whole thing cost me about $7 for the burgundy dye- the Feria was a gift, so I didn't have to pay for that.

My tips: 
* Make sure you have super sharp scissors. I didn't have hair styling scissors so I tried this with my sewing scissors and it did damage my hair a little.

* Don't use boxed bleach. I'm a boxed bleach addict but it never works, guys. Never. And the Feria disagreed with my hair more than usual dyes.

* I've been cutting my own hair for a while, and with mixed but usually positive results. If you're at all nervous, please see a licensed hair care professional for your cuts. Or, start small. Earlier this year I did a mini trim which gave me the confidence to go for this huge trim.

* If you ever want a good, 90's grunge burgundy color I do recommend the darkest Garnier red. It's a nice purpley shade that I've been using since I was fifteen. It has decent coverage and lasts for a while.

* Ring your ears, hairline and neck with petroleum jelly if you're dying at home to keep your skin from getting stained.

Please remember that I am not a cosmetologist, this is just advice from my own personal experience with my hair, so take my advice at your own risk.

All in all, while I could have done better, I'm also pretty happy with the results. I love having my short hair back, and even though I've needed to clean it up a few times as I've noticed tiny mistakes, I'm super excited every time I get a compliment on it because I can say, "I did it myself!"

I hope to make Cheap Beauty a regular feature for Cirque, so stay tuned for next time when... well, who knows what I might do!


  1. This is a really pretty cut on you, very vintage-feeling, like Marcelle waves. Good for you for doing it yourself. I like Garnier's dyes as well, including their newish Olia line - great for fine hair (like mine) and wonderful saturated colours.

    Cool post!

  2. This looks great! You did a really good job and I love this style on you. The colour is really pretty and suits you much more than bleached blonde. I once wanted a short punky haircut that was bleached white blonde but that really really does not work for me. I look best with my natural hair colour. But I do frequently cut my own hair. I can do a passable job though I have lots and lots of very fine hair with a slight wave to it so it's tricky. On my own I cannot achieve the layered and sliced in style of cutting it really needs. I compromise with thinning shears. Like Sheila, I also like Olia, and have used it successfully to rescue my hair from a bad dye job and get it back to natural. Some people say it doesn't work well or hold but I think it works really well for fine hair. I have used Feria in the past and liked that one too. Now I just leave my colour alone. I've counted ten greys so far but I am calling them highlights. xoxo

  3. I think you did an awesome job, I used to dye my own hair (actually that's a lie, I used to convince my friends to do it) when I was at university, but I haven't done at home dye for years - It always like some kind of black space monster was killed in the bathroom. I am always in awe at people that cut and dye their own hair!