Monday, November 9, 2015

OBJECTS: A Modern Selkie Love Story

Hi guys!

I'm trying to make yet another come back to the blogging world. I'm toying the the idea of maybe doing a weekly update- the problem is I've gone from big city living to small town with little social life, so I'm finding it hard to come up with real world things to write about. It's a big adjustment but I'm trying to muddle through.

In the mean time, I have done something that I'm very proud of and want to share with all of you.

A few years ago I mentioned to some of my friends that I wanted to self-publish. I like the control, the DIY aspect of it and the design process of formatting a book and making covers. It's very 'me'. However, I was discouraged by friends that claim success as published authors. They said there was no money to be made, that I couldn't put it on a resume, ect., ect. Actually, those same people also tried to discourage me from writing fanfiction with my close friend however when they were offered a chance at writing a Sherlock story for a book they tried to get me to give them all my tips and Holmesian knowledge. Ha!

Anyway, I still want to be a self-published author because I just enjoy the process that way, but coding a large novel is a big undertaking. There are ways that things need to be done so that you can get your book on Nook or in the Smashwords premium catalog. So in preparation for my larger novel, I decided to release a short collection of what I call micro-love stories about a family of selkies. It's now available on Nook and Smashwords, which I view as a major accomplishment.


OBJECTS takes the traditional selkie mythology and gives it a more modern twist. Instead of the seal-people who take off their skin, these water fae are bound by mysterious objects, and until they meet their destined partner they cannot know true love.

There are five short love stories in this little collection all involving the five siblings of a single family.

There is Waverly, the first sibling who encounters a possible mate. They couldn't be more different or more attracted to each other, but Samantha has a secret of her own that might rip the two apart. I have to say that Waverly is my favorite sibling because she also appears in my novel I've been writing and I have a soft spot for her.

There is Gabriella, who has to learn that there are consequences for your actions, even if you meant well. Her story has one of my favorite quotes, which is the one featured above and something I think is a little bit true sometimes.

There is Amelia, who is the oldest and looks out for her youngest siblings. She does not have an object to bind her or someone to fall in love with- at least, that's what she believes.

Then there is Marcus. He's the only boy. I will admit that this story was inspired by my friendship with Megan Mae. We've been close friends for about three years now and at first a lot of people told us that we couldn't possibly be friends because we only knew each other online and not in real life. Marcus meets a woman he connects with in a chat room but will he cave to the nay-sayers in real life?

Finally there is Eileen. I love Eileen's story because it was my first try at handling a transgendered character and I hope I did okay. Eileen falls in love with a transgendered woman who is under a curse herself. Unlike Waverly and Samantha, Eileen and Brooklyn need to find out if they can live with each other's curses rather than trying to break them.

To check out my Pinterest board inspired by OBJECTS, click here. For hints about upcoming books and stories, check out Frankie, Jess and Mercy.

I'm so excited to finally be able to share progress on my writing with this blog. I hope that in the future I can continue to update regularly and be more honest in my recovery from the big move. It's been very hard for me but I'm getting better every day.

Thank you guys for your continued support. You mean the world to me.


  1. Congratulations on publishing your first book! I will definitely purchase when I next get paid :D

  2. Congrats pretty lady! I know you have such a passion for writing and I'm so pleased you've done this - don't worry about what other think, just do what makes you happy :)