Monday, September 7, 2015

First Showing!


Adjusting to new situations is hard, especially in unstable environments. When you go from control over your surroundings to a lack of control it can be kind of traumatizing. Things get sacrificed- for instance, outfit pictures. :-( Right now with all the boxes in my room and no tripod for my camera I've had a hard time documenting my outfits like I used to. Which sucks because I want to come back to blogging! Especially now that I have more focus on my creative projects!

Megan and I are calling it 'The Craft Bunker'

On the plus side, I've had some adventures that I can write about. The first was our day at Koony's Vintage Picks. Now, Koony's has been around for a while but it used to be a craft store. I remember spending time waiting for my mom to finish looking (it wasn't a hardship, though- as a child I was obsessed with Boyd's Bears and Koony's used to have a whole wall of them!). Nowadays, Koony's is a vintage painted furniture and decor shop that I've fallen in love with. I brought a lot of furniture from Philadelphia with me so I haven't needed to buy too much (except a bed!), but I love to go in there and look and dream about decorating my future home.

They also have a flea market once a month. We can't do the usual flea market because they don't really let crafters come, just furniture people, but for the Littlestown Good Old Days fest we were able to play with the other kids in the sandbox. ;-)

I made those dream catchers! Can't wait to put some on No Regrets Resale

My mom and I split the booth because she wanted to sell her handmade primitive crafts (Follow her on Facebook!) and I needed to clear out some of the things I'd brought from Philly. I also made some flyers for both our stores - she's Bear Creek Primitives and I'm No Regrets Resale/Cirque du Frock.

We were planning to have a shop open but some health issues have cropped up and we haven't gotten to it yet. It was still a beautiful day at Koony's. We met a lot of awesome people and spent some time out in the sunshine!

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  1. I know I seen some of these photos on instagram but just wanted to say your booth looked great. Also I love the term "craft bunker"!