Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tiny Update & New Tutorial

I'm still getting settled in at my new location. I can't really talk about it much, but I suffered a devastating loss that has put me in a position where I had to move from the City that I Love to my parent's home in Maryland. I can't wait to get my sewing things unpacked and get back to work, and I really can't wait to return to blogging! 

Luckily, before the move happened, I'd planned out three tutorials and all I had to do was write them up. I didn't get to do it while I was still in Philly, but I've got a bit more time now so I'm slowly getting them written up. I'm really proud of this first one- it's called The Ballyhoo Dress.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy

I love wolves and I write about them a lot in my fantasy novels. (And really, what fantasy author doesn't?) The blue and grey are relaxing colors and I love the powerful wolf graphic. I was really happy with how the tutorial came out, too. 

Cirque du Frock on Etsy

Since I had a new tutorial, I wanted to make a new Three Ring Circus, but there were too many options! So instead I decided to do a five pack of all the tutorials I've made so far. I'm calling it the Wardrobe Remix pack. It's so versatile in that you not only get five tutorials, but there are bunches of hidden techniques you'll learn inside the tutorials- how I gather ruffles, how to applique, ideas for spray painting fabric. I love to make these dresses because I have so many clothes that were gifts or souvenirs that I'd hate to get rid of but aren't really my style anymore, so I've found creative ways of saving them. And not just tee shirts- jackets, dresses, button-ups- with a little creativity, these tutorials can be used for many things. 

I've also been working hard on a secret (not so secret) project that I'm getting ready to launch. I can't wait to share it with you! 

In other news, to all the friends who know what's going on and offered support and virtual (or real) hugs, I just want to say, I'm so grateful to you. Thank you so much for all your help these last few weeks. 


  1. Hope all the change in your life is improving things. I've been watching you on FB with best hopes for your future. Now that you're in Maryland, do you need me to send you some Old Bay? :-)

  2. I think it was great that you put them all together. Perfect for a crafter, and a good deal for someone who wants to go ahead and get everything in one go.

  3. You know I'm always here even though I'm far away! I LOVE the name ballyhoo!! I can't wait to see what else you have planned for your store xo