Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shop Update and Where I've Been For The Last Few Weeks

I'm trying to make a blogging comeback so hard it's not even funny. I've got a ton of blogs written up about things I want to say, but it's been hard getting that initial post out. Part of me wants to talk about why I left Philly, how I'm feeling now, how I'm adjusting to life in a tiny, tiny town again, but it's just too much to get into even with my blog friends.

I will do a tiny write-up on my 'last week' in Philly and all the cool things that happened to me, but for now, the best I've got is this lil' shop update post.

In Philly I had an entire second bedroom in my apartment that was an office and it was packed with supplies like fabric, tee shirts and paint. So I'm slowly working my way through piles of UFOs (unfinished objects) and stash fabric so I can continue to update my etsy store. Moving is expensive, y'all! I had to buy a bed, I still don't have any storage furniture like dressers or shelves, I had to rent a truck and it's been crazy! Luckily I had a big stash so I haven't needed too much else to get along.

It's a process. In order to keep from thinking too hard about how overwhelming the process is, I've been crafty.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy
I started making a new style of tunic. I don't have a pattern up for this one (yet!) but I do have a few available for sale. I've been going crazy with this pattern. I love it! It's easy to layer, works as either a dress or a shirt, and I feel like a princess (well, more like a mermaid) when I wear it.

Cirque du Frock on Etsy

I had a few people ask for my Thrift Shop Treasure Hunter tee so I made a couple and put them in the shop, too. I also have this cute deer silhouette design available. I'm sure I'll put more on eventually but right now I'm just working with what I've got.

This sweatshirt is so soft, if it were my size I think I'd just keep it.
Part of me really wants to learn to love jeans and a T-shirt again as a style staple. I've gotten away from wearing jeans because I can never seem to find ones that I like, but maybe I'll give it a shot this fall.

I've made a couple of new Flying Trapeze dresses, too. This is probably my favorite thing I've ever made. Using the same tutorial, they all turn out so different! The purple one is my favorite, but that Rolling Stones one has some serious edge to it.

One of the other things I'm working on is No Regrets Resale. Sometimes I'll find fantastic things while thrifting that don't fall into categories where I can sell them on Etsy. Like wonderful non-vintage things, or maybe I just want to do a closet clean out. So I'm starting a new website where I can sell whatever I want without restriction. I've got some stuff listed as 'coming soon' but I should have it all active and available by tonight or tomorrow.

Nursing a broken heart is hard, but like all great artists, I'm turning to my craft to get me through. And music. LOTS and LOTS of music. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my new stuff as much as I've enjoyed making it. And shout out to my parent's basement for having really nice neon lighting for pictures!


  1. Welcome back, honey. Hope your heart mends soon and your life settles down.

  2. I second Ally's sentiment. I'm so happy to see you around.

  3. Like your other friends - I'm always happy to see you post. That Rolling Stones dress is seriously bad-ass. I LOVE it!!