Monday, May 18, 2015

Busy Weekend and a Mini Shop Update!

Whew, you guys!

Sometimes the best way to deal with a stressful situation is to just keep busy, and that's what I was this weekend. After last weekend's successful experiment, I decided (mid-week, when it was at it's busiest and most hectic) that I needed to make a new tutorial for the Cirque. And also new dresses for me.

I went to work on Friday with a plan in mind. I needed more tees, and fast, or I wasn't going to be able to film the tutorial. I skipped lunch for a walk around the hill, the plan still tumbling in my mind. I didn't know if I'd make the train- if it was too late, it wasn't worth going.

When five o'clock came 'round, I peaced out of the office and practically jogged to the train station. Now, I'm riddled with anxiety, while that doesn't sound like a big deal for you guys, breaking 'the routine' and going downtown AFTER work instead of FOR work was a huge deal!

It was also magical.

I went all the way down to South Street to one of my favorite thrift haunts where I scored the motherload of tees and even a few pieces of jewelry. Lately I have felt like that thrift store had gotten a little too pricey, but what can I say, I still love it. I was going to stay a little longer, but it was getting dark outside and South Street on a Friday night was so busy!

It still took me almost two hours to get home. My train didn't come again until nine, and by nine-thirty, I was exhausted. But I had what I needed to work on my dreams.

Saturday started early. I decided to try another brave thing- I walked to a yard sale! I didn't find anything, even though there were multiple families, but I saw beautiful flowers and got to walk in the rain on the way home (I like rain). After a quick breakfast, I set up to work while I had the daylight in my kitchen.

I present the Flying Trapeze tunic tutorial!

$3.50 on Cirque du Frock

I told Megan I'm running out of circus terms. I might need to have some kind of naming contest for the next tutorial.

$7.50 on Cirque du Frock

I also updated my three ring circus pack with a dresses-only option! I'm so proud of all the work I've done on these tutorials. Each one takes at least two days of solid filming, editing, writing and graphic work. The original three ring circus pack is, of course, still up for sale, but now I have a springy dress option! I've also updated the tutorials page on my blog.

This is one of the promotional collages for the three ring circus pack. It shows a few different variations of my patterns (although now I notice that only one is shown of the Sideshow Dress). I really love how each one, depending on fabrics, can look so very different!

I'm also loving my tutorials because I can make stuff for myself and still feel like I'm working. ;-P And we've officially gotten our first donation on my Go Fund Me page! I'm so grateful to all the support, both financial and emotional, that I've gotten from everyone lately. It's really helped me stay strong.

So that's what I did this weekend! Stay tuned, because I've got a bunch more surprises up my sleeve (also things I did this weekend).


  1. SO SO Gorgeous. I love seeing each new creation you do. Your hardwork is paying off honey.

  2. You're making your dreams happen and that's an awesome thing - go you!

  3. Meghan you make me wish I were a sorter and American, then I would buy your clothes. I love your tunics and dresses and you could sell them here where I live so easily at fairs or markets. Have you tried that sort of thing yet? xoxo

    1. Aww! I think this style would look great on you! I often wish I were taller.

      I'm planning to start selling at fairs, but I don't have the proper licensing or a drivers license at all, so it's going to take time. I really want to get back into doing fairs- I grew up doing that kind of thing with my mom who is also an artist and I miss that lifestyle so much!