Saturday, January 10, 2015

My First E-Pattern and a Very Bad Day

A sort of weekly update thing here! It was a very bad day today so I am trying my hardest to salvage it by writing out my frustrations. First and foremost, I drummed up the nerve to post my new and first tutorial to my etsy store.

I can't begin to tell you how hard I worked on this tutorial. It's fourteen pages, color photographs and step-by-step instruction. Because it uses secondhand clothes and clothes you already own, it's easily something that can fit anyone. It doesn't use a set pattern, but it teaches you how to look for things to recycle into a unique dress. It's my favorite dress, and I make one every week.

All of these dresses and tunics were made using this method. I'm nervous, because this is something I've never done before, but I'm also excited because this is something that combined my love of sewing and my love of writing together! It's also a project I make all the time so I was confident in my ability to explain it.

Onto the bad portion of the day.

Depression is never an easy thing to manage. Especially when you live in a place that makes you uncomfortable or work with people that make you feel uneasy. Last week the lady upstairs from me pulled a pipe away from her wall, so on New Years Eve I came home to find my living room wet and no one had called the landlord about the water pouring down three floors to puddle in my living room. This week, the Mister and I heard this weird tea-kettle-whistle type noise coming out of the basement. I'd set aside this morning to try and recover from my week, reset and work on my shop because that's important and weekends are my only opportunity to work on that stuff. Alas, no luck. Last night we had to turn the heat way down to get the noise to stop, and we called the landlord immediately.

Today, he shut the heat entirely off.

Apparently there is a large crack in something something furnace (and we should've been hearing carbon monoxide alarms, which we hadn't -- according to the repair man who was more forthcoming than our landlord) and now we will be without heat for a week or two. Or. Two. When it is 10 degrees outside. And my birthday is next week, so the three day weekend I'd planned to use for working on my dreams might potentially be a waste because I am in an apartment were I literally can't feel my fingers.

Needless to say, I was rather rude to our landlord and when he left I spent an hour on the phone with my mother crying. Because I love the cold, but I don't love the cold in my living room.

He even managed to ruin my breakfast by knocking four times (between him and the repair man), interrupting my cooking. I'm very particular about egg and toast temperature and I'm not a nice person when I've not had coffee, have not eaten and have a headache that is making me wince in the sunlight.


So that is today. Baby steps forward and large steps backward.

In order to make the day end on a positive note, I wanted to list a few things I'm grateful for.

1. My friend and writing partner, upon hearing that I've had the worst day -- they are all the worst days lately -- called me while she was running errands to keep me company. We actually share a birthday and I don't think you know how badly I wish she were here to celebrate with me. All the thrifting!!

2. My friend Loki gave me a much-needed pep talk and helped me make plans to visit him and his wife who are both very close friends of mine. I've missed them ever since they left Philly. I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out this spring, but I really think I need a weekend-vacay first.

3. I tried out a new project that so far seems to be going swimmingly. Even though I am wearing gloves in doors, I'm trying hard to sew and keep creative because it's key to managing my mental health.

4. Watching Flea Market Flip is the biggest inspiration sometimes. I love thifting and flea markets, and this is just the best show. Netflix is streaming two seasons and I've been basically watching it on repeat to keep myself going.

5. My mom pinned an interesting budgeting graphic today that suggests it's possible to save $5,000 in  a year. I don't know if I'd be able to keep this exact schedule, but I think I'm going to try because I really like that idea. I have a lot of student debt, and if I were able to save $5,000 in one year I'd be able to pay one loan off each year for the next... 5 years instead of 15. That would make me so much happier and put me much closer to my dream of owning a store of my own.

6. If you follow my Toys board on Pinterest, you'll know I'm obsessed with Monster High repaints. I think I've decided to try one. I've always held off because I feel silly, an adult playing with toys, but I think I'd really enjoy having that as a hobby. Now I just have to pick which one I want...

7. I've discovered the joy of Spotify. I have made a huge 1950's pop playlist and I'm listening to it on repeat, because when you're down, you can't help but smile to "Leader of the Pack" and "My Boyfriend's Back" and basically anything by Dusty Springfield and Chubby Checker. (I cheated and put some sixties stuff like the Monkees on there, too, because omg Davy Jones.)

So that's what's going on with me lately. I'm blue, blue, blue but I'm trying to get over it. I know that I really am blessed, but sometimes, on days like today, I'd really love to just kick a hole in the wall.


  1. I love the tutorial - you put a lot of work into it and you should be proud of it lady! I'm sorry about your heating situation, especially at the landlord doesn't seem to be too concerned about the fact you guys are freezing (seriously, it COULD make you quite sick - what a jerk). I really would LOVE to see what you do with a Monsters High doll - I altered a couple of old MLP once, made them a little punk rock. It was fun!

  2. Hang in there buddy. We care about you.

  3. You are talented and unique, creative and definitely sensitive. Stay strong and keep going. I am so glad you have friends who are supportive and you have strategies for dealing with depression. I once lived in an apartment with defective heating and a stupid landlord. I was wearing all my winter clothes indoors, including gloves and hats and he said to me 'oh just snuggle with your hubby.' We also had reason to believe he was entering our apartment without permission while we were out so that gave us incentive to move. The new place was still a bit of a dump but at least the landlady was nice and we had heat. Sending you warm hugs!