Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OOTD: South Street

My boyfriend went to visit his family in Pittsburgh a few weekends ago, and because I couldn't take time off of work I stayed here. Which, as much as I missed his family, was a good thing because I cannot remember the last time I had the whole house to myself for days. Let me tell you, it was amazing!

One of the best parts is I'd decided to go to a flea market on Saturday morning only to find it disappointing. Since I was in Center City anway, I decided to walk down to South to my favorite store, Philly Aids Thrift. Lo and behold- the whole street was closed off for some kind of fair I hadn't even known about! (Yet somehow all my friends had...)

I still spent all of my flea market money at the thrift (and also on a pair of flip flops I almost immediately regretted that did not come from the thrift store).

Dress: Handmade/Me, Shoes: Minnetonka, Jacket: DIY/Me
I'm kind of disappointed how this OOTD shot turned out - this was the best one of the grouping and it had to be altered to be more true to color. I swear we need curtains to diffuse the lighting a bit. I always look washed out lately. And it's also awful because as much as I dislike the pictures, I love this dress! This is my new favorite- it's a men's shirt top and skirt bottom spliced together. I always feel pretty when I have it on.

These are my new flip flops. I thought they were super cool because you can change out the laces for these little sock things and make like a whole new shoe- also the sock flips inside out so you can have colorful or plain black. The problem is... I hate flip flops! I thought these were so cool and comfy, but when I got them home and really walked around in them, I found them to be uncomfortable. I don't like things between my toes (which is weird because I used to wear toe rings all the time). I'm hoping when it's hot out and I'm super desperate for not wearing shoes that I'll end up liking them anyway.

On the plus side, I am super pumped for these new cowboy boots. (New to me.) I got them at Retrospect on South St because I wanted to do this DIY (click click), but when I put them on I thought they were just too adorable and comfortable to rip up! So I'm on the prowl for a second pair to use for my DIY. In the mean time, I'm keeping these awesome broken in boots as they are.

It's weird. I always buy keychains and never put them on my keys, but this little guy just called to me and he's lived in my purse ever since. C'mon, it's a winged pig. It's adorable. And I say that as someone terrified of pigs. (Also he looks like he's eating my other keys.)

Since my boyfriend was away, that meant I could have WHAT EVER I wanted for dinner. He's not a BBQ fan so I made my own home made pulled pork sandwiches with balsamic roasted green beans. Mmm so good!

Well, I hope your week is going well! Until next time!


  1. I love your new flip flops! What a fun concept! The little piggy is cute too, my SIL loves pigs, she'd be all over that!

  2. I absolutely cannot handle flip-flops - I loathe that feeling of stuff between my toes. Ugh. Love those cowboy boots, and the pig keychain is so cute!

  3. Sometimes is just nice to have your own space isn't it? I think your new dress is rad, very clever design. Love your wee pig friend and cowboy boots, but I'm with you on the flip flops (or jandals as we call them). I've always found them SO uncomfortable, I even remember refusing to wear them as a wee kid because I hated having something between my toes!

  4. STAR SANDALS! lovelovelove. I saw some like those (the changeable) at a street fair thing.