Thursday, May 15, 2014

OOTD: The Owl Dress

Even though Ally was kind enough to post a picture of me in my owl dress that I wore on our trip to NYC, I still wanted a proper OOTD set for you guys. Downside - I'm the worst at taking outfit pics these days. Between the washed out lighting and maybe accidentally taking a picture of myself in the same outfit twice, I ended up with a bunch of pics and none of them are that great.

Chucks: Ross, Dress: Handmade/Me, Cardi: Old Navy/Thrifted/P.A.T.

I love love love this dress.

So a few months back I went into JoAnn's and saw this fabric and I fell in love! BUT I thought that it was too busy to be a dress so I only got a yard and I tried to make an infinity scarf with it. A scarf I never wore. And every time I looked at that scarf I was sad because I hadn't gotten enough to make a dress and it would have been a great dress after all, and they never had the fabric again. Until one magical day they did!

And so, my owl dress. I love it.

Dress: You Already Know, Jacket: DIY/Me, Shoes: TOMS

You may or may not notice that the second set of pics was taken before I got my hair cut. I was trying to grow it out, but then it started to look funny and I started looking at pics of myself with long hair and it was always not taken care of and dead at the ends, so I caved and cut it all off again. And I really cut it- she used clippers on me. I like it a lot better.

Shameless new hair selfie. :-P

Well that's all I've got to say for now! Until next time!


  1. I could not love that dress more - owls are my favorite! The colors in it are great too, very spring like! And your hair is so cute short!

  2. I love the new hair! You look fabulous. I'm just in awe of anyone who makes their own clothes.

  3. You look so fantastic and happy and lovely! The haircut is great and really suits you. I LOVE the owl dres and I love what you did with the jacket and hoodie. That is so so awesome and I want one too.

  4. This dress deserves a full OOTD post. Lookin' good, my friend.

  5. I adore this fabric and can see why you love this dress. I also love your tie dyed jean jacket! Best part is you made it with your own hands. Your hair looks so sweet short!

  6. Your new hair looks great! I'm trying to grow mine out but it's taking forever - particularly as I have some shorter bits that need to grow out first >.<

    But I love, love, love this owl dress! It's basically my dream! I did manage to partially fulfill my owl clothing dream recently with a t-shirt so that's something at least XD

  7. This fabric is so you Meg, I do love it - is this pattern a self drafted one? Also love your hair, I know I went through a phase where I really wanted to grow my hair out, for like a year. But whenever I visited the hairdresser I'd just cave because I want nice looking hair NOW!! Not in 12 months;) I think you look great with short hair :D