Saturday, March 29, 2014

Up To No Good


I've been kind of silent over here, I s'pose, but I guess it's because I've not been doing a lot. Well, I've been writing some, just not a lot of sewing, so it's harder to share my current projects with you.

I've also gone a little smock crazy lately. I am obsessed with Lagenlook and Mori Girl clothes, which involve a lot of loose tops and layered dresses, and I keep seeing these smock-like things everywhere in stores. Which is funny because I never actually see people wearing them. Either way, I decided to try my hand at making a few. I altered my Radioactive dress pattern and used a few men's button ups -

Guys, I think it's love.

Smock: Recon/Me, Boots: Target, Cardi: Thrifted

So what if it's basically a muumuu?

These are the two I made at the same time - one is a striped shirt with two floral pillow cases (and my new docs!) and the other is the same one as above only belted and with a different cardi. I really like them belted.

In Progress...
As with everything I do that I like I must then do a million of the same thing. So I liked the two dresses, and I decide I must have more. ;-)

I don't really have much else to say. Just working hard, playing hard and trying to write something that I can share with other people. How are you guys?


  1. SQUEEE! A new post from Meghan! I like the one belted with the cardi. Too cute!

  2. YAH!! so happy to see you blogging again lovely! These dresses are pretty rad, a great way to upcycle. I like the first one the best, the fabric reminds me of water colours :)

  3. Very cute! I like them belted too and love the look with a cardi, tights/leggings and boots.

  4. Amy stole my line! SQUEEE! So happy to hear from you (here).

    Glad to hear you've been busy offline.

  5. Good to see you!! I love the look of your new dresses with the belt! Very cute!!

  6. Cute cute cute!! I've been wanting more loose flow tops now I'm not wearing office wear anymore!!

  7. I love love love the two in progress. They're both very Mori-girl/Classic English style with a twist.