Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OOTD: Snow

Hello Everyone!

Let me show you what my back yard looks like today:

Dress: Handmade/Me, Boots: Dr Martens, Cardi: Thrifted, Scarf: Gift, Hat: Target

It's pretty, isn't it? I love the snow, actually. This time of the year is always my favorite. Unfortunately, transportation to work gets a little fuzzy and I could be in trouble right now. I'm trying not to let that get me down on such a gorgeous day, but I gotta admit, the snow does have some drawbacks.

I have been super stressed out lately. On top of everything, it seems Google doesn't want me to comment on blogs because every one that I try to leave is mysteriously eaten. I've tried to leave comments on CraftyPirate, Shybiker, Megan Mae, Aya and Self-Constructed Freak's blogs and they all disappear.
I even tried logging out and logging back in, and commenting on different days, but my words are taken by the internet.

Things are changing here and as a friend recently reminded me, change can be a good thing. It can also be a painful, twisted thing that eats you up as it's happening. Even if it's good, it's hard to accept it.

Until next time, know that I am reading your blogs and I'll hopefully be able to tell you what's on my mind soon. Because I <3 you guys.


  1. the snow is a beautiful, sparkling pain in the backside at times, you look so lovely in the snow and I hope you didn't get into trouble, and I also hope the changes ease soon x x x

  2. Pretty snow. And sorry 'bout the commenting; I'm having the same trouble.

  3. Such stunning pictures!! I LOVE snow! Even though I've only had one snowy winter in my life and that's when I lived in Korea.

  4. Oi! I hear Louise has had the same problem with commenting for a while. I'm glad you're enjoying the weather, though! You look fantastic and I admire your strength in face of the elements, out in the snow in a cardigan like that!

    Hope everything comes out for the best with your stresses.

  5. Eee! Wow, look at all that snow. You're a shiny patch of color in all that white fluffy stuff. Hope you're keeping warm.

  6. Oh noes! Stupid word eating internets! I hate when that shit happens. It happens to me a lot on YouTube. :/