Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY For the Home: Folding Screen Re-Vamp


When the goin' gets tough, the Meghan gets craftin'. For the last few months, one of the challenges I've faced with blogging is trying to get outfit pictures. Between rain, snow, nosy neighbors, sometimes it just gets challenging to get pictures of the cutie things I'm wearing. I also have been meaning to make a backdrop so if/when I open an online store, I will have somewhere to take pictures. See, in my little house there isn't much room for photo ops.

A few months ago, this wicker screen came into the store and I snapped it up, knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it:


I loved the heart shapes and even though it was see-through I knew it had potential. The potential came in the form of a hand-dyed purple sheet that I bought at Philly Aids Thrift. I took white embroidery thread and tacked the sheet until it fit the screen.

I don't  know if I'll be using this piece for OOTDs, because working with my tripod is hard! (I'll keep working on it, though. Never give up!) I do think it will be great with my dressmaker's doll for any vintage or handmade things I might eventually sell. What do you think?

And just for kicks, here is what I look like on days I'm not at work:

Yeah, I didn't know faces could bend that way, either. Sometimes I wonder where I pick up these abilities. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my DIY room divider as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Until next time!


  1. This is very lovely! Are you going to pull the fabric taut if you attach it at the bottom as well?

    I make the same face, yo. I've always had the plastic ability to pull it in ways. People in Asia tell me my face is very expressive and ... 'Western'. I think they mean weird.

    I too work with a tripod and a timer, so let me know if you want to chat technique. :D

  2. So beautiful! And clever. I love your creativity. And I laughed at your funny first sentence. Great expression of language.

  3. Hey I love this!! Ingenious Meghan, now this is something I might be able to afford ... those solid screens are SO expensive! I'm gagging with envy over your scrumptious skirt, in fact all of the colour ... hat, jacket, scarf, boots. Yes!! xoxo

  4. Sun a pretty screen! I think it will be great for outfit posts and showcasing your fab designs. You look as snug as an adorable bug in that outfit!

  5. What an awesome piece of photographic background!