Monday, November 25, 2013

Love List 6

It's been so long since I've done one of these posts for this blog!!


What with all the crazy changes going on in my life right now, I just got to thinking I need a little bit of love. ;-) What about you guys? The holidays are coming up, winter is here (if you live where I do) and it's just a crazy little few weeks gearing up to smack us on our collective behinds. Right? And as much as I love it, I've gotta say, I could use some inspiration. So here you go - a little round up of some things that I'm loving right now. ;-)

Link to Anthropologie

I love stripes! I can't even tell you. Like every tee shirt I own that is not a band tee shirt is striped. I adore this cool little Anthropologie number and as much as I adore it, I do fee like this would be kind of easy to DIY. What do you think?

The pinner said this was washi tape, but looking at it closer, it looks like paint. Washi tape might be a cool idea, though, and you'd be able to get it off easier than repainting. I love these overblown faux-cross-stitch wall pieces so much! Could be a good little boost for a boring room (OMG could you imagine a Sherlock silhouette one?!).

WHY haven't I seen this sooner! This is a brilliant idea!!

I don't really want to grow my hair out, but if I did, I might rock a style like this for a little bit! This is still short, super cute and kind of edgy without being too girly. That's a huge problem with me and the curls- sometimes when I just don't want to be THAT girly, there is no escaping it!

Pin , Store
This shop/online site posts the greatest outfit suggestions to their pinterest account. I always love seeing what they come up with. The above look is one of my faves! I LOVE those sleeves on that dress, and those pirate-esque boots!


I have a bunch of cardis going to the thrift store because I just don't wear them anymore. Then I saw this cool beanie tutorial and thought I might just make them into hats! I LOVE hats and wear them all the time, and this would be a good little DIY holiday gift for a friend, too.

Other things I'm loving:

* My new and improved My Chemical Romance dog tags

* Megan Mae's new hair cut makes me too happy!

* This blog that I found through tumblr.

* THIS bunting tutorial from Thera Joyce (go check out her blog - she's got my button on the sidebar!)

* And I'm loving Scathingly Brilliant's pictures of her new home. :-) So inspiring. 

I hope you guys have a happy week! I'll see you next time!


  1. That first shirt is beautiful. I love that store. Good to see you blogging again.

  2. You could totally DIY that striped shirt!!
    And YES to a cross stich Sherlock--that would be AWESOME!!

  3. Ooh I love that top sweater from Anthro and the owl decoration too! Very fun!

  4. I love that haircut too!! That would definitely be a wish list if I chop mine shorter someday!