Monday, September 9, 2013

New Hope Day Trip

What's up, people?! I have been totally MIA, but sometimes that happens. School has started, work has been busy, and I'm having a bit of a style crisis (don't worry, I have those like every week or so, I'll get over it). On the plus side, last weekend I had the loveliest three days off that involved thrifting, writing and general wonderfulness and I NEEDED it!

Two weeks ago my mister and I celebrated a bit of an anniversary with a quick day trip to New Hope, PA. If you've never been there, it's pretty awesome. It's an adorable little hippie town up and I DREAM about living there one day. I have to say that it's one of my favorite places that I've ever lived. I took some pics for you. (Well, for me, but I'll show you!)

The library was having a book sale so we went in and I snapped this pic for a friend. Because, you know, Sherlock.
The New Hope library.

Ally will tell you, I love to take pictures of signs. I was all over that in NYC.

The restaurant we ate in was in an adorable converted church and the food was amazing! Click here for the website.

LOVE this shop!

If I could have a shop of my own, it would be here.

When my boyfriend's parents visited, we showed you the Delaware River and NJ (Penn's Landing) on the other side in Philly. Here is New Hope, an hour outside of the city, and there is the Delaware River with NJ on the other side. Enjoy.

BEST SHOP EVER! My picture of the inside of the store didn't turn out, but the lady working there was AMAZING and I LOVE HER and she has a WHOLE WALL OF UK MADE DOC MARTENS!

And here, I'm copying and pasting a funny story about that door from my tumblr because I'm too lazy to retype it:

When we went to New Hope last week, we ate in this old church converted into a restaurant. This is the image they have on one of the doors. I said something to the hostess, and then I snapped a picture. She waved and we left. As we walked out of the restaurant, my mister asked what I’d said to the hostess. A woman with a stroller was walking down the street, passing us on the stairs as I said, “I asked her if I could take a picture of her burning babies.”
My boyfriend was not as amused as I was. ;-)

I hope you have a lovely start to your week, peoples, and I'll try to be a better friend. I DO read all of your blogs, I just haven't felt very vocal lately.


  1. sweet anniversary time! congrats! and style crisis's? goodness, Sunday work time, me dressed and 5 hours later when I looked in the mirror I gave myself a fright - sometimes chilling out is the best, catching up and you seem a busy bee with lots to do, good to catch up with you x x

  2. Happy Anniversary times - looks like a fun day out, very cute little town. Don't worry I have a style crisis basically every day so I know what you mean.

  3. I've never been there! Or even heard of it. But I love these type of places. You'll have to show it to me.

    Great post. Fun photos and prose.

  4. Happy Anniverasry!!
    New Hope looks really cool!!

  5. Your burning babies story has me chuckling because my hubby would have thought that was not so funny too but I would have been pretty please with myself:). A church restaurant sounds really cool! It's important to celebrate things, this looks like a cute town. I want you to have a shop in that storefront!

  6. Ah yay, I've been there! We lived in NJ for 4 years and made it to new hope a few times. It was such a darling place!

  7. Wow... that town as an awesome flavour to it, especially through your eyes. Thanks for sharing it.

    And why do old barns make the best buildings for artsy/vintage/antique/unique shops?