Friday, August 30, 2013

Sherlock Wall

This is a project I've had in the making for a while. In my craft room, I have themed walls. The first one I did, and I suppose am still working on, is my vintage picture/My Chemical Romance wall. It's overlooking my sewing machines and it features vintage style pictures of MCR mingling in with other vintage pictures I've collected over the years. It's pretty sweet. It also has my two Huldah prints.

A few months ago, I found this writing analysis website that allowed you to insert a paragraph of your writing into a program and it told you what famous author you wrote like. I put in one of my blog posts and got Ray Bradbury, and then I put in a piece of fiction I'd written.

And I got Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Combined with my current Sherlock obsession, I decided that over looking my desk where I write I needed a Sherlock Wall in my craft room.

The Deets:

Sherlock Holmes Silhouette: The dress was actually a test run for this DIY. I made an enlarged stencil and made the painting myself. It is painted with Provence Chalk Paint® and black acrylic.

The violin vase: Thrifted

The violin art: thrifted, This made it onto the wall because not only was it violins, the sheet music that lines it is a song with Star in the title. If you watch BBC Sherlock you'll know that he "deleted" the stars because they weren't important.

Copper Bull Head: Thrifted

Ceramic Cow Head: Barn Pretty. So Sherlock in the BBC Sherlock has a bull hanging in his living room, and I saw these two little guys and I couldn't resist. One day I might even put head phones on them.

Medical Illustration Bulletin Board: thrifted/DIY/Me, I DIYed a medical illustration into the frame of this bulletin board (which I hope will be used for my writing) as a little representation of Dr. Watson. There are more framed medical illustrations coming, I just have to matte them correctly. I got a cool old medical dictionary from work that I'm taking the pictures from.

Photos: Vintage Postcard of Philly from Philly Aids Thrift, Girl Shooting a Pistol antique photo from a consignment shop and "You Are Wonderful" from Citizen Rosebud. Letter on the other bulletin board from Megan Mae. This picture of the girl shooting is one of my favorite things I own.

So, as you can see, I get some pretty awesome stuff from where I work! I have a tutorial for the Sherlock art, if anyone is interested. It's been super fun sharing my new inspiring space with you! I'll post pics when I add more!

Until next time! - xo xo xo Meghan


  1. Great SH silhouette. And I've got those exact same cow's heads! I use them to hang dishtowels. If you drape a towel over their ears, they look like Egyptian statues. :)

  2. love the wall!!!
    I adore sherlock holmes--i watch the old Jeremy Brett series weekly and can't WAIT for my Benedict in the newest season of Sherlock!!

  3. I'm digging the porcelain cow!!!!!!

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous. I love all the details and thought you put into your design. The rest of your home must be awesome!

    I'm just learning to put up art and figure things out in terms of design, myself. Hooray for thrifted home goodies!

  5. You have your own craft room?! Jealous! And of the Sherlock wall. Eclectic, unique, yet stylish and cohesive. Very Meghan!

  6. It looks so great Meg - it makes me want to make more of an effort to decorate our house. I'm so unmotivated!