Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OOTD: Black and White

Hi. :-)

I missed you guys.

This month has been kind of crazy! I really just- wow. So much going on, and some of it I can't even really talk about. But here- this is the first outfit I wore to work with my awesome new hair.

Dress: Handmade/Me, Chucks: Journeys, Cardi: ON/Thrifted

I really really loved this outfit so I took a lot of pictures. Also, I was trying something new by not smiling. Sometimes I really hate that in all of my pictures I'm smiling. I think it gives a false happy-go-lucky impression of me. I am not always smiling, and I often admire other bloggers who don't smile as much (ex. the cooler-than-cool expressions that Megan Mae and Bella Q often have, that can be serious or smirking or tough). I'm still kind of smiling, but I'd like to play with not smiling in every freaking photo.

So anyway, I was thinking that May/June's been kind of an amazing month. I've gotten to meet a friend from the other side of the world, see a concert, finished a novel, started talking to an old friend again, met new friends, and started making plans to re-open my etsy shop. I've sewn tons of things, sent probably hundreds of pages of fanfiction to a friend of mine and talked to that same friend about her own writing. I've become involved with another friend's make up art show fashion thing, realized I had two AMAZING best friends, gotten a kick ass hair cut and downloaded a ton of new music. I'm going to Sesame Place with my mister's family on Friday. I've said goodbye to a friend that I'll probably never see again because they are moving far away (and aren't real internet savvy). My boss gave me this amazing necklace that I've been wearing every day. And it hasn't all been happy- there was actually a worrisome incident on a bus the other day that had me running home in order to avoid a panic attack- but even that turned out alright because while I didn't think I was brave or tough, all my friends gathered around me to assure me that I was brave and I handled the situation perfectly. So even the bad has been good. The best part? I finally, after a decade of putting it off (or repeatedly failing), got my learner's permit. I'm learning to drive. And it rocks.

I think that the best part is that I've been working toward my dreams. Something negative snapped and I finally came to a place where I was like, no. No, this needs to happen before I lose it. And even when there is uncertainty, there is hope, and that hope is like a drug. It's amazing.

Anyway, I'm going to go. I'm going to go make things to show you and read your blogs and sometimes even comment. I'm going to go eat dinner, too, and probably write more.


  1. First of all I still absolutely love your new hair! And I really like this outfit - very simple but very chic! And I'm glad that you are on an upswing! Hope is a like a drug, I would most definitely agree!!

  2. The outfit has a classic shape that suits you beautifully. It looks so natural on you.

    Glad to hear your positive mood. Working toward our dreams fills us up with enthusiasm about life in genera.

  3. Eee! I'm so excited for you. I know there have been ups and downs in many ways, often within the same day - but you are loved, dear, and supported. I think you're going to be great (well, greatER, because you're already damn awesome).

    I'll say it a thousand times, I love your hair. It's very elegant AND badass. Don't feel like you always have to smile. I forced it for awhile and hated it. It's not me, I get bitched out in real life for not smiling - so why make online any different. XP

  4. Such a sweet post Meg! I wish I could not smile and look bad-ass in my pictures too, sadly I am a cheeseball and not smiling is not an option (you've met me - you know how I am!). I'm so glad you're in a good place where you can move towards making good things happen - that's what life if all about!! Remember I'm always here to listen - even if I'm on the other side of the world xoxo

  5. First--love the outfit--you look adorable!!
    I'm glad to hear things are coming together for you in positive ways these days!!

  6. this outfit is very YOU, as in you are very comfortable in your own skin and enjoy your life. You also happen to look very cute. Love the chucks.

  7. You know, I always worried that when I paired dresses with sneakers it might look odd and not cool as it looks in my head, but you look *fantastic* so it's confirmed. You have inspired me. Sneakers plus dress for me, too!