Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Love List 4

I was so excited for this Love List that I've moved it up! This was number 5 and I was all, screw that, I want to talk about this now!

I have been making some serious changes to my wardrobe because I have found myself missing my goth/punk roots. There is a shocking lack of black clothing in my wardrobe and, frankly, waaaaay too many colors with no rhyme or reason. And some of these colors or prints I just don't connect with, so why do I have them in the first place? I know what my ideal style would be, yet I continue to pick things because I think other people will like them. Like baby blue florals, or pastel pink patterns. There is nothing wrong with those prints or colors, but they aren't really "me". For this Love List, I'm showing you my dark side. These are photos or outfits that I keep in mind when I'm thrifting or sewing. I'm aiming for a 90's grunge-witch baby-vintage kind of style, if that helps.

Sourpuss Clothing
I love ALL Sourpuss Clothing cardigans, but I especially love the tattoo style lettering on this one. Even though it's summer, I'm already thinking to next fall, and I would love to get some black cardigans to embellish with retro graphics or sayings.

Sourpuss Clothing
Like this one, for example, with the spider webs.

These black embellished trousers/skinny jeans would probably be an easy DIY. I love how the texture looks almost like bandages. (Is that weird? Is it weird that I like that?)

THIS dress with it's flattering front gathering and peasant neckline (although, maybe it's a shirt and skirt combo) is very adorable and, while goth, could still be work appropriate. That's the other thing - I work 5 days a week and I've been trying to find a good balance between office-punk and non-office attire.

This gorgeous skirt would be great for the winter to keep my legs warm or for steampunk events/cons. It's kind of versatile when you think about it.

Free People
Yes, yes, I know I love everything Free People but this dress/tunic thing in either color looks like something a modern day witch/gypsy would wear. It also looks super comfy, so I would likely wear it when I was just lounging around the house, too.

This vintage inspired dress is absolutely darling and I love the red striped accent. This dress with one of my skull cameos would be so sweet.

Link to Flickr
I. Love. This. Outfit. I cannot even tell you how much. The fitted plaid shirt, the high-waist black skirt - she looks so vintage and so rock-n-roll. UGH. (Or "guh" as one of my new co-workers says.) I think when I finally bring back my "Dream Outfits" feature I'll need to make something like this.

Last but not least, THE PERFECT LOOK. Indeed. This is one of my favorites. The kind of loose black dress, the cardigan, the interesting collar and creeper shoes - THIS right here is just lovely. I would love to dress like this all the time.

And so I'm trying. No, of course I don't want to wear the same outfit every day, but I'm trying to make things look a little more like this and less like...well... what I look like. You guys don't see me every day, you only see when I think I look cute, so believe me when I say sometimes I leave the house looking kind of insane. Or lazy (Trees- God Shave the Queen). Or both, which is a fun and interesting combination.

Here is a list of things that I'm on the lookout for (or making) to put the edge back in my closet:
  • Painted/textured skinny jeans because I'm artsy like that
  • Black dresses with interesting details
  • Black tops so I can wear some of my patterned skirts that I do have but never wear
  • Cardigans in darker colors - some plain, some embellished
  • Dresses with graphic embellishments like MCR lyrics, lightning bolts, silhouettes of certain detectives and bats.
Now the painted jeans might not make sense with this particular inspiration collection but don't worry, it will make sense. You see, one of the things I used to be known for was my crazy jeans collection. They were art, really, but when I started wearing skinny jeans I kind of stopped painting on them for fear of screwing them up. (Because my jeans were kind of expensive.) BUT I have since discovered the Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jean and I don't mind fucking those up. Which is good, because sometimes, no matter how into clothes you are, you just need a day where you wear jeans and a tee shirt. Painted jeans make me feel fancy.

I hope this Love List inspires you! I'll see you again soon! 


  1. Good impulse. I admire people courageous enough to wear unique clothing.

  2. Love, love, lovelovelove, makes the world go round! And so does goth clothing. I've been on the exact same cycle lately. I keep looking at all my super bright stuff like "Who bought this? Where's my black and red?"

    Plus like half of what I own doesn't fit so I've done a MASSIVE cull of my closet and taken almost 90% of what doesn't work for me to consign, ebay'd or donated. The rest has been harvested for parts. I'll still wear color, but I am welcoming black and grey back to the party.

  3. Also a DIY of any painted jeans you do would be awesome. I've liked my bleach projects, but I fear working with paint. Neither art nor clothing is paint my favorite medium to work with, but I'd still like to learn.

  4. I LOVE those sourpuss cardi's - so, so good...I've been tempted to buy one for the longest time. Also - I know velvet wasn't heavily featured in this post (except for one dress) there is something about this post that makes me want to head out and buy metres of velvet and make fabulous winter outfits!