Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love List Replay: Trees!

I have been the worst of blog friends lately. While I have been reading everyone's posts, I haven't been leaving comments, and that's awful! But between the stuff I've got goin' on I just haven't been very chatty. I REALLY DO read your posts, guys. I promise.

After this week I'll have tons more time to blog and comment, and one of the reasons I'm kind of offline right now is this beautiful friend - Trees - from NZ. You see, Trees is coming all the way from New Zealand to hang out with ME this week! So I'm reposting a cool inspiration post she did for my old blog as my first Love List on Cirque du Frock. I'm happy to re-introduce Trees to you on this blog, and I'm so excited to meet her in person in just two days! xoxoxo- Meghan

Kia Ora world, my name is Trees and I blog over at Adventures of a girl from the Naki ( and the lovely Meg has been kind enough to ask me to do an inspiration post for her that makes me feel rather special!

Here's a few things that have been inspiring me lately:


I live in Wellington, New Zealand so the first day of summer for me will be 1 December. I am quite literally counting down the days as I can't wait to spend time in some of my favourite places in the sunshine including our waterfront, botanical gardens and beaches. I'm also spending New Years in my home province of Taranaki with a group of dear friends an I know that its going to be fabulous!

With this summer vibe all around me, I'm thinking of (making) maxi dresses, drinking cocktails and swimming in the sea.

Here's a couple of maxi dresses I love:

Link to Etsy
Link to Etsy
I'd also love to try making my own maxi dress - here's a couple of fabulous patterns:

Link to Etsy

Link to Etsy

Here's a summer time view from Taranaki - will will be staying in this same house again for New Years. Can you see why I'm so excited?


I can admit it - I've never been a fan of pastels - but lately I find them incredibly appealing. Maybe its the lovely weather? Here's a few pastel items I'd love to add to my wardrobe.

Link to Etsy
Link to Etsy
Link to Etsy

In May 2013 I will be making my first ever trip to the USA - I'll be visiting New York, Philadelphia (to visit Meg), Florida and San Fransisco. I'm pretty darn excited by my trip and I've spend a lot of time online researching places I could visit. It's going to be an amazing and inspiring trip!

Lately I've been inspired by all things American - or at least things that make me think of America. Being a New Zealander I'm not sure how accurate my view of America is, I guess we will soon find out.

I had a pair of moccasins when I was a kid growing up and loved them, but these days you don't seem to be able to buy them here in New Zealand. Meg has said she will help me buy a pair when I visit her in Philly! 
Link to Zappos

I've always loved square dancing dresses and I think this pattern is just darling - I'd love to try and make one of my own.
Link to Etsy
Seen as I'm going to visit New York I MUST visit the statue of Liberty - its so iconic of everything American (to me at least) my friend Leana who lives in NYC has promised we will go and visit.

Finally another adventure for Philly - a visit to Edgar Allen Poe's house, I love ALL things creepy so I can't wait to visit here.
Link to Pretty Badass Blog Where This Came From

I can't claim that novelty prints are inspiring me recently - they have in fact been inspiring me for quite literally YEARS! Why have a plain blue dress, when you could have a blue dress covered in rabbits, cupcakes or sharks? Perhaps some people think its a little weird or childish - but I don't really care as I believe life is meant to be fun and crazy print dresses make my life fun.

I've especially been admiring the novelty print dresses from Sourpuss Clothing ( lately - if I could I would buy literally ALL their dresses *swoon*.
Link to Item

Link to Item

Link to Item

Link to Item

One of my dearest friends in the world is shortly due to leave Wellington to work in Dubai - I feel really sad about it as I will miss her so much.

However, I am truly happy for her as she has an amazing opportunity and adventure ahead of her. Plus I can go an visit her in Dubai which is a pretty exciting possibility.

We have also decided to be penfriends because we both love mail - I've even decided to make her up a little stationary kit as a farewell present.

I've been checking out some of our cute local stationary shops and my mind has also been ticking over thinking about stationary sets I could craft for her.

Here's some cute stationary sets and writing tools I've found around the interwebs that I really love.

Link to Etsy
Link to Etsy

 Thanks so much for reading my post - I hope you have a fantastic day and feel free to drop by my blog sometime. Trees xoxox


  1. How fun that she is visiting you! Have a great time!

    Oh and I love the maxi dress inspirations she pictured here!