Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love List 2

I decided not to do a post on Monday because it was Memorial Day here in the States and I actually had TWO (count 'em, TWO) days off in a row!!! I know. It was amazing! I actually slept for the majority of those two days. No lie. Even yesterday. I slept until almost noon and then took a nap! Lazy, I know! I guess I needed it.

Well, with all the sleeping I've actually been having some trouble waking up early enough to do blog outfits, and I haven't been sewing as much, so I'm back with another little Love List for you.

I am still obsessing over the haircut from my last Love List - the faux hawk one. I would LOVE to have an edgy look like that. I also like the above hair cut, though, because it's cute and short and probably really easy to maintain.

Link to Polyvore

I just really like this outfit. I love the weird cut of this denim jacket, and I REALLY REALLY want this dress! And those cute little booties!


This girl's super cute hair makes me happy. I not only love the cut, but I also LOVE the color! I'll need to get a wig like this, please!


Link to FreePeople

I kind of want to paint a festival style backpack now. By the way, one of the best posts of the week is this post by Becky Bedbug about REAL festival fashion! As much as I love Free People, I sometimes feel their Festival Looks are a little unrealistic (unless you leave the festival to go to a hotel at the end of the night). I haven't done a music fest, but I've been to Playa Del Fuego and a few other burn-type events.

Link to Etsy
The sweet ruffles on this amazing 60's dress, as well as the awesome print, make me so happy! I would wear this dress every day!
Link to Website

I need $700 to buy this.

I saw this beautiful bald headed boy in Center City walking through Rittenhouse Square in this jacket (which led to a major internet search for it) and he looked like a little leather angel. He looked awesome. I LOVE this jacket! (But, and I mean this, I think I could DIY something similar.)

And finally, these Chucks make me so happy. I love the photo, I love the yellow Chucks, and since I have black and white chucks now, I've been looking at colorful ones! I'd never considered yellow before seeing this pic. :-)

Well, that's what I'm loving this week! I'll be back later with another post. Right now, the boyfriend and I have just beat BioShock Infinite and lemme tell ya, WOW.


  1. Meghan--I believe you could totally make a winged leather jacket like that one!!

  2. My jaw is still on the floor from that leather jacket. Wow.

  3. Good for you for getting caught up on the sleep! I agree that the wings would be easy to make. And that bright yellow--too good.

  4. LOVE your love list. Have you seen the angel winged high top sneakers? I weirdly love them. AND OMG I LOVE MUST HAVE THOSE CHUCKS. I've been thinking about getting another pair recently. I think I need them in yellow.

    Personally? I sleep a lot. I am a firm believer in naps and sleeping in. Especially since I started work, I often crash for an hour after I get home.

  5. Sounds like you needed a LONG sleep - sometimes you've just got to listen to your body. I've also had sleep-a-thons like that when I'm just burnt out. I LOVE the yellow chucks - I want some too :D